Nasty Politics After Hours – Real People, Real Politics…Unfiltered   #sugarfreenews

Nasty Politics After Hours is a one hour political talk show with our host Sany Dash and political commentators Vik Kumar and Greg Lamothe. In addition, there will be rotating panelists (conservative, liberal, moderate, and libertarian). 

The show will be a combination of round-robin and cross talk; informal, informed conversation and debate, but not disorderly…intelligent, but not dull.

Panelists and occasional guests will discuss and debate national / international politics, current events, social, cultural and economic trends, as well as, explore current controversial topics. 

Our goal is to introduce viewers and listeners to different ideas outside of those typically proffered by cable TV panel shows, and impart consideration to broader perspectives, and to shatter peoples’ provinciality. 

The show will be streamed live.  Dates and times will be released in the near future.