Achieving the dreams of a Yazidi refugee

By Maher Avdal, Translated by Farhad Barkat

From the womb of suffering, the great Hazem Afdal and the American actor George Clooney were born. Hazem is a Yazidi refugee was one of the first students to excel in science at the University of Mosul Faculty of Medicine, in 2012 -2013 excel at the rate of 99.17 is one of the first on the Republic of Iraq / scientific branch.

His education began to move between the villages and complexes belonging to Sinjar, and Hazem was forced to leave school because of the security situation and the genocide happened.

Hazem thought he had lost a firm dream of completing his studies, like thousands of other Yezidis students. Hazem also lost everything- everything he wrote or collected during his life was lost and was a source of great depression for him for a long time.

Hazem, however, did not give up. After our family took refuge with many other families in the refugee camps in Turkey, Hazem alone returned to Iraq in a few months to work with Yezda organization as a volunteer that would increase his energies in the service of his community and the victims of the genocide. He used to spend many hours writing, and learning programming to create programs or write an idea or learn something new.

Hazem focused his intellectual energies on the computer in the years following the genocide because he found it a suitable way to make a change that might make the world a better place. Hazem dreamed of studying for only one day at a US university and realized this dream. George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney who heard his story and wanted to help his cause. Hazem now studies at the University of Chicago and one of the most selective universities in America, and lives near the parents of American actor Clooney.

Hazem recently met with David Letterman who commented that “I remember his courage, He talked about his dream one day studying in the United States, and I know we all have the same thought that was, well, maybe there is something we can do to help it”. 

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