Yazidi girl freed after 4 years of Captivity under ISIS


Today, February 13, 2018, another of our Yazidi angels, Hina Abbas, was freed and returned to her family from the hands of ISIS after almost 4 years. Another flower from Ezidxan’s garden was freed from ISIS hands

We pray that all those who were kidnapped will also be liberated, and we hope that those in the West can do something to help the victims, who have been subjected to all kinds of rape and torture. No one deserves to be treated the way they have been.

Who are the Yazidi People?

The Yazidis are a majority-Kurdish-speaking religious group living mostly in northern Iraq. They number less than one million worldwide. The Yazidis, throughout their history, have been persecuted as infidels by Muslim rulers who demanded that they convert. Rather than formal ceremonies, their religious practice involves visiting sacred places. Yazidis participate in baptism and feasts, sing hymns and recite stories. Some of the stories are about historical and mythical battles fought in protection of the religion. Others, told over the centuries by generations of women, detail methods of resistance to the same threats that Yazidi women face today.


After the defeat of ISIS in Iraq, many Yazidi women and girls are beginning to be liberated, however this is just the beginning of their journey, as now they must be reintegrated into society.

Yazidi people still face persecution in Iraq due to their beliefs, and many Yazidi people live in refugee camps or are displaced from their homes.

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