Chaos reigns as Iran marks 39th Anniversary of the Islamic Republic

Sunday February 11, 2018 marks the 39th anniversary of the Islamic republic of Iran, the regime orchestrated its usual tactics to find numbers to attend the celebrations, celebrations that were cut short thanks to Israel.

During the weekend Israel’s President Netanyahu ordered airstrikes on key Iranian military facilities in Syria, followed by a warning today that Israel will not stand by and will retaliate, “We will continue to strike back at any attempt to harm us,” Netanyahu said. The IDF also destroyed the Iranian drone launch site, this is another big blow to Islamic republic who is once again closer to Israeli land than ever before. 

The Islamic regime occupying Iran is now on very thin ice, it has literally bitten off more than it can chew, from Gaza, to Lebanon, to  the Houthi rebels Yemen, and the nationwide protests that occurred in Iran in December and January which resulted in thousands of arrestsm once again proved that people want change.

Pro-monarchy chants and anti-dictatorship/regime chants were heard throughout the whole country and not just in major cities.

Chants like “we’re sorry shah (late king) we made a mistake” referring to the so-called Islamic revolution of 1979 which ended a 2500-year-old monarchy, other chants like ” no to Lebanon, no to Gaza, my life only for Iran” referring to all the money and support that the regime spent on Hezbollah and Hamas.

Women are starting to defy the strict Islamic dress code by simply removing their hijab in public,  even though they are still being arrested for not complying, the banks have run out of money, worker strikes are ongoing due to non-payment of salaries. 

It’s clear the regime is in trouble both internally and internationally. The cash injection that Obama gifted the Islamic republic was not spent on the Iranian people, they didn’t see a penny of it; The money came very handy indeed, as the many proxies Iran has in the region were starting to go hungry. Obama’s timing was perfect and any one of his advisors would have told him where the mullahs would spend that money. 

Once again Hezbollah causes concern for Israel,  Israel’s ambassador to Moscow said on Saturday Iranian-backed Hezbollah units and Shiite Muslim rebels should be immediately withdrawn from Syria’s southern de-escalation zone, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported.

“Specifically, any presence of Iranian units, Hezbollah and Shi’ite rebels should immediately be curtailed.”


It’s clear the Islamic republic is trying to slowly surround Israel with its proxies, this was the plan all along. Syria was always the route to Israel,  but will the Islamic republic risk all-out war?

Most likely not, as war with Israel would be disastrous for the mullahs, but this time, a conflict will take eyes of internal troubles and dissent, and will ultimately make the army unite with the regime to protect Iran. Either way, war should be the last thing Netanyahu wants, and I’m confident he’s smart enough to know it’s a matter of time before the regime is bankrupt and ousted by the Iranian people, however it is understandable that Israel will protect itself from any threats in the region. 

I feel it’s a race between a revolution/regime change in Iran and war in the region. 

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