Inside a Yazidi Refugee Camp: A Video Report from Camp Bersive

This Video was originally recorded by Khalaf Dakheel, a Yazidi from Iraq


The Yazidis have lived in refugee camps for over 3 years and belong to one of the most ancient religious communities in the world.

The Yazidis have faced 74 genocides over the ages, and their plight has not yet been ameliorated although ISIS’ growth has been quelled in recent times.

This video report was compiled by 16-year-old Khalaf Dakheel, a Yazidi resident of the camp, and our correspondent in Iraq, who produced the video using camera equipment he borrowed from his community, and self-taught himself how to film, edit, and publish the video.

Khalaf taught himself English while at Camp Bersive, despite their local school not offering the course, he was dedicated to learn the language and improve his proficiency.

Watch Khalaf’s report here:


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