NaPo’s Pop Up Shop @ SMU- the start of Our Movement !

Our First Pop Up Shop! 

Last Thursday and Friday the Nasty Politics Team were on the SMU campus for our first Pop Up Shop. We met with students, staff, community members, and friends from our Facebook Page to engage in honest conversations and to spread the word about our mission.

We are raising money (check out our online shop too!)  to open up a Nasty Politics Cafe- an open space for people to openly talk about politics, and current events, and a place where those in need can get free legal advice, access to a community pantry, and a free phone to make calls. 

We live in a time where people don’t talk anymore, political discourse is often toxic, we want to change that by having a place where people can engage in open discourse, and we want to provide access to services to people in need who are down on their luck. 

Hearing Student Voices

We met with people of all different ages, demographics, and political inclinations and discussed issues that they were passionate about, and learned more about their experiences. 

Our visit to SMU came in the wake of some interesting events regarding free speech. The day before our shop opened, a student organization called Young Americans for Freedom had called James O’Keefe to speak at their meeting which was met with controversy.

O’Keefe was a part of Project Veritas, an organization that uses deceptive tactics to secretly record conversations in an effort to embarrass its targets and was recently involved in the Roy Moore case by providing false information to the Washington Post. The sting backfired when the Washington Post wrote an exposé on the operation instead of taking the bait, detailing how reporters and editors had figured out the undercover Veritas operative was a phony.

SMU stood up for the student organization’s right to call speakers, and acknowledged their commitment to the right to free speech.


We witnessed this commitment to free speech during our time on campus .Students from the Idea Academy in Austin were touring the campus and we spoke with the students about the recent sex scandal revelations in Hollywood and with politicians, and taught the students about the concept of hush money, and how the people reporting allegations are often shut out of the discussion.

A Forum for Discourse

We also spoke with students about issues they were researching, causes they were passionate about, and current political issues they were involved with. 

One student described their Senior Thesis focused on stereotypes of student athletes based on their body language. Another student mentioned how they work with a local shelter for women who are victims of sexual assault, and how she dreams of becoming an OB/GYN to help serve women in need.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event- 

We want you to contribute articles about topics you are passionate about. Send your submissions to [email protected]

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Santiago was gracious enough to help us unload our merch via Golf Cart

Students from Idea Academy pose with NaPo T Shirts!

Students learn about the concept of Hush Money from Arvind

Students pose with our nasty Mannequin

Grace posing with our Banner

We discussed the recent political strife among Saudi Princes, and the concept of a consumerist Christmas with these students who were from Saudi Arabia


Meeting friends from our Facebook Page!

Rocking the NaPo T Shirt

Arvind and Rasin posing by our mannequin

Browsing Holiday Gifts

Spreading holiday cheer with the Hughes Trigg Staff!


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    You really have taken off with a flying start! So happy to see all the photos and hear about the people you’ve interacted with so far. Proud to know you guys on Facebook <3

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