Iran sees ISIS conflict as leverage against Israel

Iran’s battle against ISIS isn’t what it seems. Iran’s theocracy is using the fight against to gain ground on their influence in the Israel-Palestine conflict and a direct route into Israel.

The Iranian regime was forced 4 months ago to change its route due to US military build-up assembled to fight ISIS. The new route goes from Tehran to Baghdad to Tel Afar near Mosul in Iraq and then to Damascus in Syria, then into Israel. Since then, advancements have been made since then by the Iranians. 

As far as Israel’s leader Netanyahu is concerned, Iran is winning the Battle to dominate in the Middle East and its supply routes getting closer to the state of Israel. 

Israel feels Iran’s ever-expanding role in Syria has not been taken seriously enough by the UN, especially from the US and Russia. This comes after Mossad’s chief Yossi Cohen’s visit to Washington in August,  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also paid Putin a visit in Moscow to raise the same concerns, both visits seem to not have been fruitful for Israel, and to top it off, A truce between the US and Russia allows Iranian-backed militias to station within 10 km of Golan Heights 

Israel has long feared Iran and its proxy Hezbollah would have access to and even dominate the Golan heights where they can build up influence against Israel and south Lebanon in the disputed region.

With Syria being the war-torn state that it is, mostly controlled by Iran and Russia, it’s no wonder that Iran feels it has the freedom to further its own agenda and its ambitions of a road to Israel has now become a reality.

The shooting down of an Iranian drone by Israel over the Golan heights fits nicely with Iran’s ever-increasing influence there.   It is important to note that the anti-Israel rhetoric is still very much the status quo of the regime in Tehran.

The plot further thickens as Iran’s proxy – the Iraqi Shi’ites – Hezbollah, and the al-Nujaba unit now also known as “the Golan Liberation unit” have declared they are ready to fight for the Golan Height’s so called “liberation” the Syrian opposition also have noted that Iranian IRGC – Islamic revolutionary guards corps have been seen and photographed in the area. 

Israel hasn’t exactly been quite on the front lines, it has managed to put its Air Force into good use and has bombed Hezbollah convoys transferring weapons from Iran on many occasions, not to mention the killing of Mughniyeh, the son of a high ranking Hezbollah chief Imad Mughniyeh as well a other high profile Hezbollah militants, and importantly a general of the Iranian IRGC, Mohammad Allahdadi. 

Another important achievement is Israel’s co-operation with local rebels Fursan al-Joulan (known as the Knights of Golan) amongst others who are active (apparently mostly humanitarian) in the area against Assad and therefore against Iran and Russia. 

Recently the leader of Hezbollah –  Nasrallah, stated that “a future war with Israel might involve additional pro-Iranian militia forces to the Lebanese groups have been well noted in Jerusalem” Israel responded withholding the largest military drill in 20 years ‘simulating war’ with Hezbollah.

Iran’s latest moves in Syria is the penultimate move to reach Israel, and what’s more worrying is that Iran has powerful allies who are also active in the region, yes the elephant in the room is Russia, and what’s even more worrying is the fact that the US admin has downplayed Iran’s advances towards Israel and the region as a whole. 

While President Trump focuses on ISIS, the “rocket man” in North Korea, and now the Iranian nuclear deal, the covert and calculated regime in Tehran after nearly four decades of rhetoric are closer to Israel than ever before, as the pieces very much like a chess board are being positioned strategically.

One thing is clear – the Golan heights situation cannot be taken lightly as it is pivotal for Iran’s successful jihad against Israel should the time ever arose, on top of all this Israel now fears Iran may look to north Korea’s continual development of nuclear arsenal as a sign that it too can further its own nuclear ambitions, whether Iran will risk further sanctions being reinstalled is another question, but just like the North Korean dictatorship, the dictatorship in Iran has proved time and time again that it cares not how hard sanctions hit the average household, while Iranians resort to selling their bodily organs to feed their families, the regime throws money at its militant proxies to further the Shia ideology in the region.  


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